La Artigiano Famiglia


La Artigiano Famiglia! Bring the whole family to your table.

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Meet La Artigiano Famiglia! Bring the whole family home to your table. Classico, Vino Rosso, Aged Balsamic and Cipolline Onion & Mocha.

In the endless pursuit of perfection, Gianni Toffolon, our original Master Cheesemaker, is always tinkering with combinations of flavors and textures in an attempt to create the next great cheese. La Bottega di BelGioioso’s Artigiano is that cheese. Grounded in tradition with an eye toward the future, Artigiano is crafted using home grown cultures that have been developed over decades to achieve a flavor palette all its own. Pleasantly nutty and sweet, Artigiano is mixed in small batches and cured using proprietary, artisanal methods to achieve its delicate crystalline texture.

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Weight 3 lbs