Snacking Cheese Parmesan


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Parmesan Power-Full Snacking Cheese

Each 3/4 oz. is only 80 calories and naturally packed with 7 grams of powerful protein.About This Cheese

• Texture: Hard, granular
• Flavor: Nutty, full
• Appearance: Golden yellow
• Milk Source: Raw cow’s milk
• Aging: 10 months
• Gluten free
• rBST free
• All natural
• Crafted in Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland


Cultured milk, salt, enzymes.

Serving Suggestions

• Pack in lunch boxes for a convenient and fulfilling snack.
• Pair with tomatoes, roasted peppers, cured meats, melon, grapes, crackers or bread.
• Add a cube to a rotary cheese grater.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs