About Us

The Then

The Man Behind Steve’s Cheese

Steve Siudzinski was born and raised on a farm near Denmark, Wisconsin. At the age of 12, he decided to become a cheesemaker and some day own his own cheese factory. In 1913, he entered the employment of a Belgian cheesemaker, who taught him the arts of cheese making and emphasized the importance of quality methods not only in the plant but on the farm as well.

In 1916, Steve started to operate the Langes Corner’s Cheese Factory and later changed the name to Steve’s Cheese. A remodeling and expansion program was started in 1930 and continued through the years.

Steve built a reputation for quality through hard, intelligent work and insistence on quality from his patrons. In addition to a steady consumer demand for his products, Steve’s quality standards won him widespread recognition in cheese scoring contests throughout the country. He android spy, call recording, whatsapp spy, received the International Gold Medal, First at the National Dairy Show in 1931, the Governor’s Trophy in 1934 and 1944 and numerous Grand Champion and Blue Ribbon awards at local fairs.

Steve kept up to date in merchandising and production. In 1935, Steve was the first cheesemaker to package natural cheese in a rindless package, a venture which required several years to perfect. In 1934, as a promotional venture he made the first of many mammoth cheeses; a 2,000 and a 3,800 pound mammoth. Through the years, he made thousands of 500 pound mammoths, hundreds of 1,000 pound mammoths, over fifty mammoths weighing over 5 tons each and several weighing over seven tons. He climaxed this type of production in 1964, with the making of the World’s Largest Cheese weighing 34, 591 pounds. This cheese was made for the Wisconsin Exhibit at the World’s Fair.

This is a brief history of the man behind Steve’s Cheese and many individuals, merchants, hotels and restaurants continually request the finest cheeses bearing the name…STEVE’S CHEESE.

The Now

In 2000, we purchased the Steve’s Cheese store and have been shipping the great cheese ever since.  We are truly a family business and love to serve customers with the same pride Steve took in making cheese.  Since purchasing the store our family has grown, we now have two children 17 and 13 who come to work with me every day in the summer and the school bus drops them off here after school.

We love coming from a small town where everyone knows the commitment we still have to carry the finest cheeses from Wisconsin, not just Steve’s Cheese, but a select few of our favorites from other factories.

Several years ago we added to our family of businesses with my Parents opening an Antique Store connected to our building.  We also decided to remodel our store inside and out so we hope you can make it to our neck of the woods someday and check it out.  While here you will be able to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and sample some of Wisconsin’s finest.  

So what happened to Steve’s Cheese?! The distribution of Steve’s Cheese was bought by a different company, they can’t keep up with the demand and have stopped packaging some of the sizes and favorites of our customers. NOW WHAT! Good news! We are still working with the factories the cheese always came from and can still ship to you!! Same great quality and taste, just may look a little different! We can’t wait to send you, your long time favorites with a new look!

To be continued…